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Dear visitor, these pages are my personal website to share  experiences.
I hope that this is of value  for somebody. The site is still under construction and more content will be added over time.
Living and working in the most light polluted region of Germany, i have been a mobile astronomer for 17 years. I enjoy travelling to dark sites or meet with friends under the skies but am also maintaining a remote observatory in the south of spain at  e-EyE's remote hosting facilities.
My name is Matthias and i hope you are enjoying your stay!

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NGC7822, Sonsbeck 05.09.21

NGC 7822 is a young star forming complex in the constellation of Cepheus. The Object is a composite of the deep red H-alpha line and the O3 line. RGB pictures were taken to keep the natural looking of the stars.





Exposure times: RGB 16x30sec each, O3 21x2min, Ha 21x2min,total: 108 min only.

Kit: Takahashi FSQ106, Astrodon 3nm filters, QHY268M, 10Micron GM1000







This crop of the center shows similarities to the "Pillars of Creation" in Messier 16 which became famous when they got imaged by Hubble