Set-up at e-EyE 2017

8 packages in total, 100kg in weight  finally arrived at E-EyE. First inspection shows no damage. What a relief!  Cannot say that i am fully satisfied with DHL Express. Shipping to E-Eye took 4-5 business days incl. a weekend in between. I would expect that if sent on a friday, it shoud get delivered on monday. Because i send packages with standard DHL as well, at a much lower rate, there wasn't any significant time benefit - maybe one day.

Free pier, ready for setup.



The mount being setup. You can see that i used a small pier extension to add more height to the system. I am hoping that the telescope can move freely without any too strict RA/DE limits.


Jose and his team are doing an excellent job in mounting the scope exactly the way i asked for.


This is not final, the cabling is very good already but Jose is working on it to get the cabling more secured.


Unfortunately, the CCD could hit the pier if the scope is pointing 5-10 degrees over the zenith. This is because the pier extension is not high enough. We have mounted the dovetails and rings as much to the back of the scope and i will add a small counterweight to the back to the scope a bit higher but the long term approach would be to get a higher pier extension done.


These are the power distribution and supporting devices. All connected and ready to run a first test.