E-Eye - Equipment change 2019




After 2 years at e-eye, the manager of the site - Jose - convinced me to upgrade my kit to something with more focal length.


So after studying on what's on the market, i decided to go with a Planewave CDK 12,5". That's because it seemed to be the most hassle-free optical and mechanical design.  The primary mirror is fixed, so the secondary can be adjusted only. However, 2541mm focal length seemed a bit too much but with the reducer, this gets down to ~1600mm.






The scope was bought at Baader Planetarium with all the extra's available: Electronic Focuser, Delta-T heather/fan controller, reducer, upper dovetail bar.


It got delivered with a huge and heavy box which i shipped to e-eye.






With its ~30kb total weight, incl. the heavy reducer, Guide-Scope, Starlight Xpress SX-46 (KAF-16200) CCD etc, the GM1000 would not have been able to hold the scope so i sent over my red GM2000 QCI, which i used for my mobile kit over the last few years, over to e-eye as well. 36kg of counterweights hold the system in balance and the setup is rock-solid.

I paid a lot of attention to proper cable-management. Actually, there is 1x230v and 1xUSB3 going to the mount only. 


I am not 100% happy with the guide scope location as it should be located more to the back for better stability. Also, i have to say that the focuser is not very stable. Will work on this on my next visit.

The power converter is located on the lower dovetail bar and delivers 13,5v to the blue Pegasus Power/USB distribution box. I decided for Pegasus as it gives the option to fully disconnect and reconnect (power AND data) USB devices. It also drives the focuser on the guide scope.